Jonathan Machen’s art.

I am now accepting commissions for hand-drawn portrait art at discount prices due to the pandemic. See the gallery below for examples.  Examples of portraits include:

  • Portraits of Friends
  • Portraits of Relatives
  • Portraits of Pets
  • Portraits of Babies
  • Group Portraits  – (the entire family)!
  • ” Collage” portrait – several of the same person in one image, often this is a larger drawing.

Why order a portrait from Jonathan Machen?

We are awash in photographs these days, and while it’s true that many of these are precious memories, there are a few that deserve more attention. You know which photographs are the ones I’m talking about! If you have a photo of a loved person or pet, a cherished landscape..let me take that photo and transform it into a work of art.

I have recently been taking more commissions of portraits done from photos, and I would like to let everyone know that you, too, can be the recipient of a work of art that will provide lasting value and meaning. I am excited to announce a new website devoted to this endeavor, In this quick-loading site, that also comes with a payment processing system,  I will show you examples of the choices you can make regarding how you want that special photo to be transformed.

Current pricing:  Colored chalk drawing on paper, $120. This is a discount from my normal fee of $300. “Pandemic Pricing”. Act now while the price is low. I have a waiting list.

I am also able to custom frame any piece you commission, prices start at $200 for the smallest size. Final pricing does not including shipping.

For secure, on-line ordering, please visit where you can pay for your portrait over my secure site.

Call me or email me at or 303-818-9532

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