A mural on an outdoor shed

Seemanta's Mural

Painted on a removable panel
tap to scroll

Mural for Seemanta’s shed, 2015

Seemanta lives in the center of Boulder. She commissioned me to paint a design on her shed in 2015, right when I was painting the Gene Langlois mural. Seemanta is a master gardner, and wanted to see Tiger Lilies, Sunflowers and birds on the mural. I took time out from Gene’s mural to work on this project. Instead of painting directly on the shed, I fashioned a piece of wood that could fit in the exact space she wanted, and did the painting on that piece in my studio. The painting is therefore separate from the shed, designed with future removal in mind. Fun fact: both this painting and Gene’s mural are within a 5-minute walk from the mural I painted at the Unity Church.

I wanted to show the progression of this painting, from start to finish.

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