rendered in stipple

The beauty of rocks

the essence of geologic matter
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Rocks and geologic matter have always fascinated me, and in 1986 and for several years afterwards, I decided to undertake a series of closely-observed drawings of rocks, usually choosing ones that I found on hikes, specimens that spoke to me. Although some might find rocks to be ‘inanimate’ they do possess a certain vibrancy, for it is geologic matter that makes up and supports all living things on the Earth. I decided that through a dedicated process of close, meditative observation, I would draw the surface of some of these rocks, usually only finishing about a square inch in one sitting, hoping to elicit some of that beauty I found. Therefore, the drawings took weeks, if not months, to complete, and I only did a small series. Although many of my other drawings also contain rocks, this series stands apart for it’s microscopic view of them, using only the human eye and hand

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