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How to commission a work from Jonathan Machen

How to commission a drawing from Jonathan Machen. Although I love drawing from life, I can also work from a photograph to capture the essence of a person or an animal, or place. I can make a portrait of your children, parents, friends, or pet from any treasured photos you might have, as well as any architectural or landscape site.

Colored chalk drawing on paper, up to 24″ one side, $295.    Oil painting, up to 24″ one side, $495

colored chalk drawing, up to 12″ one side, $195.  Oil painting, $395

I am also able to custom frame any piece you commission, for $200. Final pricing does not including shipping.

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The images on this page are all commissions. What could I create for you that will end up as a finished work that will bring out the essence of a person, place or thing? Imagine what I can draw for you, that will depict someone or something that has meaning for you personally - be it a person, pet, your house, your vehicle, landscape or geographical area? It could be your best friend, your Mom, a flower - or even a rock!

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