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Jonathan Machen Art Archive

Explore the different art Jon has done over the years.

Rocks, 1988 Pen-and-ink drawing by Jonathan Machen

Rock Studies in stipple

Rock Studies in Stipple
pen-and-ink drawing by Jonathan Machen, Solanum Elagantifolium, New Mexico, 1983

Botanical Drawings

studies from nature
Alcove House, Bandelier

New Mexico drawings

Growing up sketching
Pearl Peak, Colorado, 1997

Colorado Drawings

Colorado Drawings
Delicate Arch, Utah, 1983, pen-and-ink drawing by Jonathan Machen

Western United States drawings

The west is the best
Fox St. Bridge, Denver, Colorado, 2012

Architectural Drawings

Human-constructed landscapes
Student Union Loggia, University of Colorado, 1993, Pen-and-ink drawing by Jonathan Machen

University of Colorado Drawings

University of Colorado Drawings
Otorii Gate, Miyajama Island, Japan, 1998; pen-and-ink drawing by Jonathan Machen

Japan Drawings

Japan Drawings
pen-and-ink drawing of an artist in Dali, China, by Jonathan Machen

China Drawings

Drawings from China
Granite Lake, Kings Canyon, Sierra Nevada CA 1998 pen-and-ink drawing by Jonathan Machen

Sierra Nevada Drawings

The mountains of California
pen-and-ink and watercolor drawing by Jonathan Machen: Stone Head, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2000

Hawaii Drawings

From just one visit
Pen-and-ink drawing by Jonathan Machen of Milford sound, New Zealand, 1987

New Zealand Drawings

Drawings from New Zealand
Exit Glacier, Alaska, Pen-and-ink and watercolor, 1998 by Jonathan Machen

Alaska Drawings

from 1998
pen-and-ink drawing by Jonathan Machen: Dragon, Hoi An, Vietnam, 2004

Vietnam, Thailand Drawings

Drawings from Vietnam and Thailand
pen-and-ink drawing by Jonathan Machen, Abu Simbel, Egypt, 1988

Egypt Drawings

Drawings from Egypt
Pen-and-ink drawing by Jonathan Machen, Dragon Temple, Malaysia, 1988

Malaysia and Singapore Drawings

Drawings from Malaysia and Singapore
painting of Eldorado Springs Art Center, lower courtyard, 31"X16", oil 2023

Drawings from 2023

finished and unfinished
Chalk pastel drawing of Eldora Ski Area by Jonathan Machen

Drawings from 2022

finished and unfinished
Pen-and-ink drawing of horny toads crawling in and out of cholla cactus, by Jonathan Machen, 2021

Drawings from 2021

finished and unfinished
Cliff Palace, sketch by Jonathan Machen, Mesa Verde, from 2019 road trip, finished in 2021

Drawings from 2019-2020

finished and unfinished
Painting about Womens' rights, Unite With Love, 2016, by Jonathan Machen

Paintings, 1982-2018

Acrylic and Oil

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