Painted for Jack Groverland's Church

Unity Church Mural

The corner of Folsom and Valmont, Boulder
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Unity Church Mural, 1992, at 2855 Folsom St. in Boulder, Colorado. I was commissioned by the Reverend Jack Groveland to paint this large (60’X9′) mural in their meditation room at the church. I originally met Jack and his family at the Harvest Restaurant, where I worked as a waiter. He watched me paint the Harvest murals and agreed to my suggestion that I paint a mural in his newly-built church. It took me all summer to paint.

The mural reflects a vision that the life of the sea and that of our terrestrial landscape are fully integrated as an ecological whole, supporting the diversity of life on earth.

In Jack Groverland’s words:

The mural you painted for our church over three decades ago remains a tailpiece for everyone who visits our meditation room. I remember how by chance my wife and I saw one of the murals you painted in the Harvest Restaurant. It was so beautiful that on the spot we decided to contact you to see if you could paint a mural on the wall surrounding our meditation room. We gave you a brief idea of what we wanted, “something that would depict the Oneness of all life.”, which is the foundation Truth of Unity. What you painted exceeded our most extravagant hopes and expectations. The colors, size and relative relationship of the many different life forms you painted can only be described as a most original, massive work of art. Feel free to send anyone interested in your art over to our church, where they can witness it in person. Our meditation room is open Tuesday through Friday from 11am to 4pm. But, to make sure the room is open, have them call the church 303-442-1411. Blessings to you and your art Jonathan.

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