Pen-and-ink drawings

New Mexico Landscape Drawings

Capturing a sense of place
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I grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico, arriving there in 1967 when I was about 3 years old after spending the first few years of my life in California and Switzerland. I started my journey to become a better visual communicator around 1978, when I was in eighth grade, with encouragement from art teacher James Guthrie, then picking up my intensity and focus in high school with encouragement from teachers Petr Jandacek and Leslie Doran. For years I worked on portraits and basic perspective, usually in the form of simple line drawings using a rapidograph pen, which I loved for it’s precision and quality. It was only much later that I began working with light, shadow and color. My New Mexico landscape drawings are rooted in the meditative practice of observation and the sense of place. Although I live in Boulder, Colorado, I love going back to Northern New Mexico to draw.

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