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Purchase originals or prints, or commission a drawing from Jonathan Machen

Images on this page are examples of some of the work I have for sale.

Additionally, almost all the other work on this website is for sale as prints. I will be rolling out a new print sales website so, stay tuned, otherwise, contact me if you are interested in a print (they start at $120)

I also am available to do work on commission. The prices below reflect my commission pricing as well. For reference:   Portait Examples   Architectural examples


Pricing: Pastel drawings

for unframed pastel drawings 18″X24 and larger, $1.00/Sq. inch.   (So for example an unframed pastel at 18″X24″ is  $432)

For unframed pastel drawings smaller than 18″X24″, $1.20 sq. inch. (for for example an unframed pastel drawing at 12″X12″ is $172)

Pricing: Oil Paintings

Oil paintings 18″X 24″ and larger is $1.20/sq. inch (so for example a painting that is 18”X24″ is $518.40)

Oil paintings 18″X24″ or smaller is $1.50/sq. inch (so for a painting 12″X10″ is $180)

I also offer: 

Pen-and-ink drawings, (with or without watercolor)


Text: 303-818-9532                   email jonathan@jonathanmachen.com

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