My images are inspired by a deep feeling of connection to nature, to people, to landscapes and architecture. After forty years of making the practice of drawing a meditative response to the world around me, I am finally ready to start making more art! For years I have roamed the mountains and deserts of the southwest US and points beyond, stopping for moments of centered-ness when I could draw with my hands what my eyes perceived, finding that to be profoundly grounding and rewarding. The feeling I often have when drawing is one of gratitude, to be alive on the planet at this time. I have also loved drawing people, for character studies seem to reveal so much of what is inside us. I am not sure where the journey is taking me, but I would like to invite you to peruse the art here and perhaps allow me to do a drawing or a painting for you of a loved one, and let us share in the journey together. Thanks for taking a look at my website! 

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