Pen-and-ink drawings

University of Colorado Drawings

Capturing a sense of place
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I went to CU Boulder from 1082 to 1987, receiving a BFA in art and art history. Up to that point I had spent most of my life in Los Alamos, New Mexico. One of my greatest joys about college was sketching on campus – for years they were just drawings of the interior of dorms and the library, or projects for art class, but after I graduated I tackled more ambitious subjects, such as the exterior architecture of many of the buildings.  In 1994, I received a commission from the housing department of the University of Colorado to render 7 pen-and-ink drawings and one painting concerning the architecture on campus. As each building on campus is generally named after a historical person, I incorporated a portrait connecting the named individual with the building in question. There are many other sketches of the University environment in this section as well.

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