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I started painting murals in 1991, while working at the Harvest Restaurant and Bakery in Boulder, Colorado. One day I proposed to the manager to paint large landscape images on the wall space above the booths. He agreed, and while I was only paid in food, it was a real experience to start a large visual project in front of the general public.

Soon after completing three different murals for the restaurant, I was offered another gig at the Unity Church in Boulder, and then another restaurant, and then up at the University of Colorado. My most recent mural was completed in 2016 in the home of a friend.

There are a lot of images here, so please be patient as they all load. Thanks for looking!

Murals completed by Jonathan Machen.

In chronological order, starting with the most recent.

Mural in the home of Gene Langlois, 2015-2016.

Mural for Seemanta’s shed, 2015

Seemanta lives in the Mapleton Mobile Home Park, not far from Gene, for whom I did the above mural. She was visiting Gene one day and stopped to see what I was doing, and commissioned me to paint a panel for her shed. Seemanta is a master gardner and wanted to see Tiger Lilies, sunflowers and birds. I took time out from Gene’s mural to work on her project. Interestingly, both this painting and Gene’s mural are within a 5-minute walk from the Unity Church, easy to get to under Folsom Ave. on the bike Path.

Hallett Hall Mural, 1993.

I was commissioned by the diversity department of the University of Colorado to design a mural focused on diversity among peoples and among the various arts. Here is my original design (click on the image below to see in more detail).

Detail pictures of the Hallett Hall Mural, University of Colorado.

Unity Church Mural, 1992. Click on the image below to see the full panorama.

Detailed pictures of the Unity Church Mural at 2855 Folsom St. in Boulder, Colorado. I was commissioned for this piece in their meditation room by the Reverend Jack Groverland. I originally met Jack and his family at the Harvest Restaurant, where I worked as a waiter. He watched me paint the Harvest murals (below) and agreed to my suggestion that I paint a mural in his newly-built church.

The mural reflects a vision that the life of the sea and that of our terrestrial landscape are fully integrated as an ecological whole, supporting the diversity of life on earth.

Creative Cafe Mural, Boulder, 1992.

Commissioned by Charles Blair for the restaurant he ran at the time.  I had a circular image of Boulder’s flatirons with Flagstaff road, and used that to make a ‘nature mandala’ with geometric stylings around the circumference to emphasize the sacred nature of this natural scene.

Harvest Express /Ben and Jerry’s Mural, 1992.

The Harvest restaurant operated an express shop at 1023 Pearl St. in Boulder, the site of the current-day Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Here I experimented with turning some of my nature drawings into full paintings in public. If you go to this ice cream shop you can see that the walls are still there – so I assume the paintings are still there, underneath all the paint from over the years as the restaurant has undergone remodeling.

Harvest Mural, North wall, 1991.

Done for the Harvest Restaurant following the South Wall mural. The view is Pueblo Canyon in New Mexico, with close-ups of  Juniper, Englemann Spruce, and Ponderosa Pine, from pen-and-ink studies. Photos by Dona Laurita.

Harvest mural, South Wall, 1991,

I began this mural in January 1991 while I was working as a waiter at the Harvest Restaurant. The mural explored  ‘wide-angle view’ VS. ‘macro view’, putting circles of close-ups within a larger panorama. I worked in the early mornings before my shift began. Photos by Dona Laurita.