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Sydney, Australia, March 9, 1988


Sydney, hello!

You are a bundle of scattered vibrational energy.

There are three and a half million people here, about as much as in the whole of New Zealand! Finally the plane left, after all those delays and gale force winds.

John Goldsman very kindly drove me back to the airport, and we had more good conversations. Many of the ideas of the new age movement are simply reflections of true wisdom such as are found in Taoism, Zen and so on.

I don’t feel so agreeable with the idea of reincarnation.

At the end of our talk, as I walked on to the plane,

John said he wanted to do something really big, really positive with his healing arts.

I told him I wanted to make some great paintings. So, when he finally founds his healing arts institute, I’ll hang some of my paintings in there!