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artistic renderings of architecture
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I love drawing architecture, since it’s an exercise in perspective and form, light and shadow. I have done many drawings of buildings  – more architectural studies can be found on the architecture page – but this page shows you specifically how I can draw a building and how, when drawing from life, my sketching equipment is set up. I am also adept at drawing houses and building from photographs, as the first drawing of a house in Manabi, Ecuador shows.

I can work from pictures, unless you are within 30 miles of Boulder, where I can draw on location.

Prices start at $95 for an unframed pencil or pen-and-ink drawing, 8.5X11″ or smaller.

Cost is $150 for sizes over 11 inches long. For framing of the drawings, add $75.

For color oil paintings, cost is $450 for 20″X24″ and $550 for 24″X28″. The Frame is included.

Shipping is not included.

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