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Portraits by Jonathan Machen

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Welcome to portraits in pen-and-ink and oil by Jonathan Machen. I am increasing my availability for portrait commissions. Here you can find some unusual portrait ideas, examples of portraits, examples of pet portraits, person drawings, hand-drawn or hand drawn portraits, ideas for gift drawings, drawings of the past, drawings of memories, drawings of friends, drawings that don’t look like photographs: portraits that are not photographs.

what qualifies as a portrait?

Look at some of the examples I’ve put on this page. What could I draw for you, that will end up as a finished drawing that will bring out the essence of a person, place or thing? What can I draw for you, that will depict someone or something that has meaning for you personally, be it your pet, your house,  your vehicle, landscape or geographical area? It could be your best friend, your Mom, a flower – or even a rock!

For you, I could also draw a concept, – a technical illustration – a depiction of an idea – anything is fair game, as long as it is not offensive or derogatory.

Current pricing:  Pencil or Pen-and-ink, 12″ or less on one side, $100. Painting, $200.  Between 12″-20″ one side, pencil or pen-and-ink, $200. Painting, $400  Between 20″-30″ one side, pencil or pen-and-ink, $300. Painting, $800

Call me or email me at jonathan@jonathanmachen.com or 303-818-9532

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